Day 21


I decided that since Sister Night was indefinitely postponed, that I should make the best use of a free evening alone. Since I have been picking up and spot cleaning for the last month, I decided to spend an evening catching up with Mr. Swifter and after two hours, I kind of don't want kids to come inside. It was the fresh linens that polished it off. Because I was so good and responsible, I rewarded myself with a Starbucks and when I returned home, TiVo and I got a chance to catch up as well.

No photos. I was too busy admiring my handy work and the cast of 90210.

Random Sunshine:
Jasper's days on 90210 are over. Which makes me incredibly sad because he's incredibly cute. The sunshine here is, Zachary Ray Sherman stars in Killer By Nature, due out this year. Yay! I'm very excited to see where his career takes him. He makes the perfect creepy and I lurve it.

Evenings alone. I love them. Thank you Friday Eve for bringing me motivation and quiet. Thanks to you, my house is so fresh and so clean, clean...

30 Before 30 continues... Look for days 22 and 23 manana!

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