Day 18


My all time very most bestest favorite movie.

Last night was my night to watch my all time very most bestest favorite movie, Roman Holiday, and enjoy a glass of vino, but I never made it that far. Life happens. I guess the more important thing was to do something that was a favorite...

Instead, the kids and I dined at my favorite "fast food" with Lil' A and BEE and when we returned, I put them to bed and proceeded to clean house, finish up some laundry, and get my life in order. Then I sat down to watch my favorite TiVo'd television with my favorite homemade beverage, a green tea latte.

Because I guaranteed three photos.


This is me. 12 days before 30. Lovin' the green tea a latte {haha!}.

After Nancy and Rabbit saved lives, I went to bed. Wahoo! I'm looking forward to all of my planned 30 Before 30 events this week!

Random Sunshine:
Em: Mommy, can I wear my swimsuit to bed?

Getting off work at 5:30 ROCKS. It doesn't happen everyday, I'm allowed to be grateful.

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