Day 16, Part II


How long have I lived in Arizona?
29 years, 351 days.

How far away is DBG?
15 minutes.

How many times have I been there?
Once. Day before yesterday.

How ridiculous is that?
In my opinion, just a little.

I knew I would love DBG the moment I heard the words "butterfly exhibit", so I purchased a membership and on Saturday, VIP and I made the short trip to the front gates to enjoy an afternoon of sunshine and scenery.

I'm definitely in love with the wildflower garden. I want one. I want a big one in my backyard complete with signs by every plant labeled with genus, species, origin, and street cred title. I may even add the audio tour for company. We spent a good two hours there and didn't even make it 1/3 of the way through, so another trip is in the works. In the meantime...

Soakin' up sun

I don't think he knows how not to make love to the camera. Hammie.

This is me. 14 days before 30. Hugging a tree in the DBG.

I lost my VIP. Has anyone seen him?

Since I took so many photos {my camera battery died}, here's a little slideshow for you to enjoy. To pause on a photo, simply place your curser over it.

Random Sunshine:
Imma be livin' that good life, imma be livin' that good good...

Arizona in the spring time. There's no place like home.

30 Before 30 continues Monday! Happy Easter everyone!

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