Shoes! Glorious Shoes!

DSW is hosting a contest on Facebook and well, I couldn't resist the urge to enter; after all the prize is a free pair of shoes. FREE SHOES! I couldn't resist. The rules were to post a photo of your favorite pair of shoes and give them a voice. For instance, a pair of red heels might say, "Hey there, Sailor. I love the freedom of the open sea, but I love free shoes even more", but unfortunately the masses lack creativity and almost every entry said, "These are my favorite shoes, but I love free shoes. Pick me." Blah, blah, boring.

So, I thought, if anything I will bring a little delight to the contest judges and have my entry be far more than lame-o. Here's my clever entry:

" Choosing only one pair of favorite shoes is expecting the impossible in a closet full of possibility."

I might not win, but I bet I make at least one person smile and that's the best kind of free.

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