Case of the Mondays

It's March and it's Monday. Double boo. My last weekend of my sweet, perfect February was magical, despite the inevitable start of a new month.

Saturday morning, I took my grandparents to the airport and along the way, I'm pretty sure I fell in love with my Nanny all over again. Having been a single parent herself {she's grandpa's second wife}, it feels as if she's the only one I'm even remotely blood-related to that "gets it". She reminded me that I'm not all by myself, she's a phone call away, and it didn't hurt either that she assured me I was doing it all very well, making it seem seamless. It's not seamless, easy, perfect, or anything sweet, but it is nice to hear.

After a very lazy afternoon spent with TCM and making cupcakes, that evening, just before the rain began, Fortune & Glory played at Desert Ridge Marketplace...

It's always great to hang out with my little brother, who coincidentally, is the man in the baseball cap pictured above. You can listen to Fortune & Glory {aka Dream State}, here.

Sunday morning, while family was running amuck the streets of Chandler, the kids and I attended a birthday party, which E declared as her favorite part of the day and then we met up with Mimi, Papa and Uncle Dentist sometime around lunch. Due to the rain, the Matsuri Festival was canceled, so we made do with what we had indoors. Mad games of Go Fish and Bingo were orchestrated by E, Pickles entertained us for a while on the patio, R tried to learn Japanese, but ended up covering his ears instead, and A and Papa took a nap mid-book; The Philadelphia Chickens. Afterward, we did the supermarket sweep and picked up drive-thru dinner, which never happens, but I was tired; it was a non-stop 12 hour day.

So, February is officially over and I'm almost ready to accept it. The world is not ending. It could be that it's just beginning....

Cheers to the first week of March!

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