It's been another whirlwind week...

Happy to say though, Grams has been safely moved from hospital to nursing home. She did suffer a stroke and while that's always hard to hear and comprehend, there's a silver lining in it all. It made us realize that the present is a gift, the time we have together is not to be taken granted, and I heard a lot of funny Grammie stories that I may not have heard otherwise, you know, while she's still here {minus a few marbles} with us. She's a classy and fabulous lady, that Cordelia. I am so proud to be her granddaughter.

In the midst of all the Big Mama Drama, another first flew by. Can you believe it's already February!? It kills me that my most favorite month of the year is not only the second month, which leaves me nothing to look forward to until April, but it's also the shortest month of the year. Seriously! Every other month got at least 30 days. What's an extra two days for sweet February?! There, there February, it's not your fault. If it were up to me, dearest Feb, you'd go straight through to April. Maybe it's because it's the shortest month that I love it so or maybe it's because I get to cram as much activity into 28 days as humanly possible...Football is in the air, which for me, means parties and highly anticipated commercials. I'll be rooting for the Apple ads at a Super Bowl party, for which I have hired a highly acclaimed sitter for. Fear not fair citizens, I will not be driving my children through, what has great potential to be, the drunken streets of Gilbert!

I've never hired a person to keep my kids alive for me; it's very scary and very exciting simultaneously. I'm thrilled she's reliable and still available; she called three days in advance to confirm and get directions! Heaven sent? Possibly. To be honest, I hadn't really planned on attending, even after calling and making a sitter date. I'm so used to being let down in the sitter department, I hadn't gotten to the part where I leave my Motley Crue in the hands of a twenty-year old girl. Note: This does not mean I am not grateful for when family can enjoy time with my nuggets, but it's a rare day when I want plans and their unplans cooperate with each other.

I have also never attended a party alone where I will only know one person, the hostess. An intimidating situation for a shy girl. Yes, surprisingly, get me in a room full of strangers and I shut down; place me in a room with one stranger and I'll be your best friend... after a solid 55 minutes of awkward glances and small talk. I have visions of a lot of faux game faces from a lonely, but cozy, chair in the corner with a warm Stella. Should we place bets that the inevitable Sunday morning panic attack is over the sitter or the party itself?

A new adventure every weekend this month and I'm starting small with a sitter and a party; next weekend, a city. Until then, whichever bowl you prefer, may it be super and filled with fancy snacks. Cheers!

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