Case of the Mondays

Just another manic Monday.... After a fabulous weekend of friends, family, and football, here we are at the start of another week.

Shannon and I thoroughly adored The Unsinkable Molly Brown Friday night at Broadway Palm Dinner Theater and our friend, Traci, as always, was amazing on stage. We've decided that next on the Broadway Palm list is AZ Diamond ~ I betcha can't guess who's cover band this is! I'm so excited...

Saturday was well spent. I did nothing but read books and watch the Food Network. After having purchased a new laptop last week, my 'pet geek' {to quote my ever so darling cousin} came over to install a few things for me. B brought me Windows, saved my hard drive {all my documents, photos, and music} and spent hours transferring it over to my new lappytop. Best friends are not the bestest because they know stuff you don't, they are the bestest because they love you enough to share it with you. You may quote me.

You'll also be happy to know that we survived our first ever babysitter experience {I was only nauseous for the first hour} and the kids are ready to do it again! Much love to N & S for sending me Sitter of the Century and for making me feel welcome in their home. I think there was a football game on yesterday, but I only recall the Betty White commercial for Snickers.

Having survived a weekend of firsts, I think I'm ready for my next new adventure, a city and a weekend lovingly dubbed as "Sips Through Seattle" or "M & B Drink Seattle" or "Flasks R Us, Seattle WA, 2010".

Let the week go by fast, for this weekend, we cheers!

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