Happy Friday Eve!

It's been nothing but chaos since December 1st.

After three entire days, R finished his third "clean out" yesterday and missed yet another week of school. I just feel so bad for the little dude; he's full of sh*t! I think the past three days and four different laxatives have done the trick and hopefully, life will resume {ab}normality again shortly.

In the midst of Captain Can'tPoop drama, work, and general single mom speed bumps, my housekeeping duties have taken back seat. Ever get the "Ack! My house is going to swallow me whole!" overwhelming feeling of dirty? I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a very organized and well disguised mess. I must clean out and reorganize every drawer and cabinet, I must launder every linen and stuffed friend, and I need to disinfect every toy, but when will I find the time? I feel like I need an assistant and a week off from work just to catch up.

At least my holiday shopping is done and there's lights on my house to bring on the smiles!

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