Case of the Mondays

Just another busy weekend...

I spent Friday afternoon reorganizing my laundry room and wrapping pressies, making them pretty for display...

Saturday, I managed to decorate the inside of my home with Christmas glitters {only one minor accident}, my hair had an appointment and came back shorter and freshly colored, and the remainder of my Saturday was spent with Ella and Frank on Pandora and hot coffee.

Sunday was a good mix of busy and relaxing. The kids and I had our annual holiday photo shoot {I cannot thank Eric enough!}, followed by a multitude of errands, breakfast at Starbucks, holiday card addressing, hot chocolating, and Christmas tree decorating. After the kids nodded off, I cleaned up the Christmas tornado that occurred over the weekend and then rearranged the ornaments, spreading E's personal glitters from her centrally located area and moving choking hazards and breakables to higher ground.

And we're back to the beginning of another busy December week. With zoo lights, birthdays and holiday parties to attend, it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....

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