Case of the Mondays

Last week was one giant chain of disasters. Thankfully, R survived the GI doctor and the aftermath that occurred, the turkey survived smoke billowing from the oven on Thanksgiving, and I survived a number of things from sprained fingers to less than pleasant messes to the exciting chaos of Black Friday. All with my thoughts and worry occupied elsewhere. It's funny {and somewhat frightening} how one person can cause unexpected and irrational behavior in another when she's least expecting it. Just one of the many things that make you go "hmmmm"...

To end the National Week of Thanks, I wanted to be sure to express gratitude, without the fine details, for the following. Just a few of many things I am thankful for this holiday season...

*Unconditional love

After our rough week and a lovely four day hiatus from responsibility, I return to reality and welcome December with open arms.

I absolutely adore the four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love the unpredictable Arizona weather, the smell of my house after baking holiday treats, laying under my beloved imperfect tree late at night, neighborhoods all a'glow with twinkling lights after sunset, filling my children's stockings with special trinkets, and the shift in attitude that happens to the general public that always {and only} occurs during holiday season. It's all in the magic of Christmas.

Cheers to good cheer!

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