Whew I survived the week, which was actually pretty quiet considering what the next two weeks holds. While most of us welcome Winter Break, I dread it. I have no where to take my school age nuggets during business hours, which leaves me a little afraid for my sanity. If you don't hear from me next Friday, it's because I've been committed. If I make it, my only concern will be how to survive 12 weeks of summer "vacation". I need to start making a plan.

In other news, another weekend is upon us, bringing the count down to exactly 2 Saturdays left in 2009. Tomorrow, I'm spending my afternoon doing absolutely everything I can't do during the week so that I can enjoy a lazy Sunday. Tomorrow night, however, is a different story; four course dinner for six and a half. Happy Birthday, Mom!

Image: Eggplant Parmesan, Food Network

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