Case of the Mondays

We have survived another Halloween weekend!

Although not as many people dressed up as we had expected, J, H, B and I still thoroughly enjoyed RCPM's toga party at the Marquee Theater.

Roger opened with Dolly, closed with I Do and played Lemons, Mexico, Banditos, I Don't Need Another Thrill, Beautiful Disaster, Contraband, Hello New Day, I Know You Know, Americano, Tell Yer Mama, Counterclockwise, and City Girls among others. Three beers and a late night, let's just say, I was pretty useless the next day.

Feeling a thousand times better by the time trick or treating rolled around, I found myself chasing my Motley Crue around my parent's neighborhood... and they came home with enough candy to give you a cavity from the pantry!

A looks thrilled, doesn't she?

On Sunday morning, the kids, J, and I ventured out to LGO for breakfast. I love LGO. If you haven't been there yet, make the trip - it's impossible to be disappointed. I'd drive there just for the organic coffee. After a good time and good food, the kids and I met the S family out at Vertuccio Farms for an afternoon of pumpkins, animals, bounce houses, tractor bikes, a cow train, and a 10-acre corn maze. It was super hot, but it was so much fun!

I think we'll be doing this every year, post Halloween. The farm also harvests peaches and has a festival dedicated to the fuzzy fruit every June. We will definitely be checking that out next year.

Speaking of next year... it's almost here! Yay! I've taken some time off from running after my asthma attack on the 22nd to recover from not only the attack, but a sinus infection and allergies as well. This week, I start over with 2.5 miles at a time on Thursday and I'm going to try and program my Nike+iPod beforehand. Wish me luck! Before you know it, it'll be race day!

Cheers to a speedy week!

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