Case of the Mondays

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Saturday morning was fabulous. There's nothing like a 5.3 mile hike to jump start your day! Although, my tooshie and thighs are still paying for that first hike of the season.

The majority of the weekend was not filled with football and watching grass grow, but instead turned into a two day Gilmore Girls DVD marathon with a side of Vicodin thanks to an impromptu laser surgery at the dentist office Saturday just before noon. I really regretted not eating before I went in for what was supposed to be 'just a cleaning'.

On Sunday, J and I went to celebrate a birthday at The Orange Table in Scottsdale. I really wish I could have eaten something more than just squishy cuisine, it all smelled ab fab. However, the cocktail was just enough to get me through, especially since the pain killers wore off shortly after arrival. I highly recommend the Bloody Mary - it was served with asparagus in lieu of standard celery. Nothing compares to an afternoon delight!

Tonight, you can find me on the couch, in my team shirt, team coozie in hand, and screaming at the television, just the way my grandfather would have wanted.

Happy Monday! GO COWBOYS!

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