Case of the Mondays

There are six weeks until Halloween, 95 days until Christmas, and only 14 weekends left in 2009. So much to do, so very little time...

Image: Baseball Fan, One Row Back & Brecka's Camera

This past weekend was ab fab. J and I enjoyed a little baseball, a little beer, some Roger Clyne, good friends, and a lot of fun {pictured above, J, me, and the Estes' at Friday's game} and on Saturday, Heather and I made the jumbo tron at the D'Backs/RCPM show twice! Even yesterdays shopping extravaganza was successful thanks to some very well behaved short stops.

This week is shaping up quite nicely with a small group today, a mid-week day off, and a weekend filled with nothing.

I can't wait to wake up Wednesday at 6:45 and then let the day unfold. It's been over four months since my last day off, which was for surgery {I had my lady parts fixed} and it's not really clear as to whether that counts as a "day off" or not. I guess it doesn't matter; just having an excuse to take a day off is cause for excitement, even if it is the OB/GYN who requests my presence. I plan to drop the kids off at school on time instead of early and half awake, "do lunch", and leisurely spend an afternoon with my Tumni.

On another note, I hate taking time off. A one hour visit to the OB not only effects me, but it effects several other families as they have to rearrange schedules or find alternate care for their children. I admit, I am a self declared work-a-holic; I like being open and not inconveniencing others. However, I also like reassurance that I'm healthy, so what's a girl to do?

The bright side in all of this is, I'm the most reliable child care provider this side of the Mississippi. The not-so-sunny side is, I may eventually, one day, lost my sanity completely.

Cheers to an easy, breezy week!

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