Save the Drama for This Mama

I've just closed up shop for the day and as I reflect on the bit of week that's already occured, I notice something is missing.

Monday = drama.
Tuesday = drama.
Wednesday =

As Monday came to a close, a client handed me a stray dog, which in turn, led to a lot of growling and scuffing from my dogs, all addition to the noise of three children {one of whom was having trouble making it the potty at school and at home that day} and one infant and the television and my mother, while I'm on my way out the door to pick up a new desk for my girls before the seller contacts the next person on her "interested buyer" list {I heart Craig's List}. I don't think I started breathing again until I was halfway to Arcadia.

Upon my return home, the women folk had to figure out how to get said desk and hutch out of the back of the van without scratching the van or the desk {they certainly don't make furniture like they used to - this one was heavy!}, three sets of teeth needed to be brushed and three pairs of pj's needed to be put on, dinner needed to be cleaned up, and floor needed to be mopped.

In the midst of all that was Monday night, I missed a very important phone call. Which leads me to Tuesday, which was spent explaining Monday night to very important, but missed, caller. Hence the drama of Tuesday.

And today? Nothing. Not to worry, I pick my kids up this weekend and as the story goes, save the drama for yo mama, and since I'm the mama in this 'hood, I'm sure I'll have another wacky week. Let's just hope I survive to tell the tale.

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