Another Friday has arrived! This will mark the first weekend I spend as a real live grown up living in her own home - alone. At least 50% of the time {I do have those three McNuggets, you know}.

Through the magic of Craig's List, I picked up a nearly new twin mattress set {$40!} and an antique steamer trunk {aka treasure chest} last night.

Pretty awesome, right? The dome lid opens and it is lined with a beautiful floral velvet and is nearly mint condition for it's age. I've been pricing trunks at antique shops for weeks and the average price for one, similar to this, is roughly $295.00. This was a steal at $50.00! I'm also scheduled to pick up a black, PBK, solid wood Captain's Bed {four drawers} tomorrow morning - another CL steal!

Poor R; middle child, only boy, a redhead... I feel as if he always gets the fuzzy end of the lollipop. Which is why I'm going above and beyond on his brand new room. The mass produced adorable, can't-live-without girl stuff seems endless, but the can't-live-without awesome boy stuff seems to be few and far between. I do my best to make him feel really special everyday, because he totally is {duh!}, but I often wonder if it's enough and if any 5yo had expectations for bedroom decor, R would be your guy. Oh be still my little heart when he asked for a pirate themed room and not one that would perfectly suit Clay Aiken.

Tonight, I'm running a few simple, but necessary errands and hopefully, I'll get home early enough {and with enough energy} to start painting the Pirate Cove because the kids come home tomorrow and I really don't want to put off painting another week!

May your weekend be filled with creativity!

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