Case of the Mondays

It was my first weekend spent in this big house officially alone {except for the chihuahua crowd} and I must say, I was completely productive.

With the assistance of good friends, R's pirate room is coming along quite nicely. After picking up my Bountiful Basket on Saturday morning, I joined my brother and his family for a Cracker Barrel breakfast before venturing out to Queen Creek to pick up a black twin captain's bed {River's choice and a CL steal at $140!}. Then after a few quick errands, J and I started in with the blue paint.

In between two days of errands and breaks, R has a Serene Sea blue room! I'm hoping to complete the following this week:

- stain the mast
- get the crow's nest up
- assemble his bed
- purchase a twin mattress
- paint the closet doors

Check my previous blog post for an update on the "To Purchase List". Cheers to a fast week!

**Enormous thanks to RS, N, and J for their assistance this weekend! I don't know what I would do without you boys.

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