It's been a very long week.

This is getting old. I haven't seen my children for almost ten days. Except for the occasional bark from Higley, the house is the quietest it's ever been after 7pm. Thank goodness for the mile long to-do list I created.

The weekend will probably be no different as R is still days from recovery. I'm taking my healthy girls out for pizza this evening {it didn't work out Tuesday} and then hitting up Lowe's for a simple curtain rod and spray paint. I've decided to go with orange for the smaller things and white for the larger.

I'm still on the hunt for embroidered days of the week tea towels, preferably with birds or fruits and vegetables on them. My vintage yellow percolator is in the mail and, completely unrelated, so is my new fabulously beautiful, roomy Nine West handbag.

I think I'll be asking for a lot of eBay gift cards this Christmas. Wishing everyone a sunny weekend - do something extraordinary for yourself!

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