Case of the Mondays

It was another short weekend over here at the Green house. I still feel as if I didn't complete everything I wanted to.

I woke up Saturday morning and swore that the laundry had secretly bred during the week and after a short, sweet and inexpensive trip to Merchant Square Antique Mall with Mom, Cookie, N, & E, I met my friend M for some much needed girl talk and a makeover. Way too many dollars were spent at Sephora, but it was well worth it.

On Sunday, I picked up the kids at 8 o'clock. We enjoyed a big breakfast together, ventured out to the theater to catch Monsters vs. Aliens, and ran a few necessary errands {Home Depot, Fresh & Easy}. The kids got to finally spend their hard earned money; buying treats at the movie and then buying trinkets at the supermarket. I'm hoping that the idea of 'allowance allows you to buy things Mom won't' will stick.

At some point last week, I think I developed late insomnia. No matter how late I retreat to bed, I always wake up really early, always around 4:55, feeling internally shaky, unrested, and just not well. Yesterday, I had a really hard time shaking that feeling off. All day long I just wanted to lie down, but I knew if I did not only would the kids tear up the house, but I would be right back up anyway. I'm still researching late insomnia, but I have read several places that it's caused by stress and, with recent events, would make a lot of sense. I'll keep reading up and, if necessary, make an appointment with my PCP.

Here's wishing everyone a restful, refreshing week!

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