I Have Found It

My obsession with all things wedded bliss wasn't recently acquired, it's been a 25 year obsession in the works; 6 minutes in the making {big sigh of relief from the BF}. It all started with the highly media-sized royal wedding of Sarah and Andrew in 1986.

Seventeen FOOT train.

Who knew I'd venture to make a living styling weddings? My life is so awesome.

Somewhere between planning weddings for clients, scouring the internet looking for inspiration, and making project/idea boards, I managed to find it. The dress. Not just "the dress", "thee dress". The end all, be all, dress of all fancy, white, lacy, awesome fancy back dressy dresses. The one.

Of course, I can't share with you a photo of "thee dress" {I'm superstitious like that, no matter how far away bells are}, but I can show you a few other dresses I fancy.... and share the websites where you can find them too. Yay you!

Ellana Couture, Art Fire $395

Anne Bridal, $238

I can't vouch for the websites where I found these, but the prices are nothing short of Just remember to do your research before buying anything online. What do you think? What did you wear at your wedding OR what's your dream dress? Post a photo or link in the comments!


  1. I am still waiting for my dream, renewal. You'll be the first to know if it happens.

    That being said, my dream dress can be found here:

    I also won't say which one. Happy perusing. :-D

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  3. Ahhhh Stephanie James Couture, another one of my bookmarked sites. LOVE them all!

    I think most of her photo shoot was done at the Neon Sign Museum in Vegas; the museum that wouldn't let me in without an appointment....

  4. There is now a two week wait for that museum.