Holy butter! It's been a whirlwind week ~ like seriously, where did it go? Somewhere in the midst of all the chaos, I found time to make myself some of these little gems....

L to R: Vietnamese Coffee, Chocholate Chai, Green Tea Latte, Irish Cream

Jealous? You should be! I'll post the recipes for these soon. As for the remainder of the week, Green Apple is taking a break long enough to participate in a marathon of a different color tomorrow. Twilight Town Trek, which has NOTHING to do with Edward Cullen, takes place tomorrow night in DT Tempe ~ Yay! Wish our team luck. Although with Super Sleuth B behind the scenes, you may want to with the OTHER teams luck! Other than running around this town in the dark solving riddles at rapid rates, the weekend will be quiet...

To beautiful weather and beautiful friends ~ Cheers!

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