Britney Spears. Does it get any better? Yes...

Michael's Arts and Craft stores released their loyalty rewards cards this week and our Disneyland countdown begins today with T-7 days! I haven't been to the happiest place on Earth in a few years and my kids have never been, so to take them for the first time AND have VIP AND my parents with us AND to see the park all decked out for Halloween?? I'm surprised I'm not packed and sitting in the airport parking lot just waiting!

This will be our first Halloween experience at Disneyland. Wahoo!

I spent the majority of the week preparing to orchestrate a wedding to take place on Sunday, 10.10.10. There's a lot to take place in the next 72 hours from set up to strike and I can't wait to see it all take shape ~ and then nap.

With all the activities happening this weekend, I'd better hop to ~ Have a fabulous weekend and be sweet!

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