What's In a Name?

I don't know about you, but often times I wonder where companies get their names. For instance, Fuddruckers, has always hit a sour note with me; I find it to be more of a misspelled swear word than a burger joint. I'm also having a hard time comprehending the company name Giant GSM, which is not what you're thinking right now, they're actually a cell phone repair service in Mesa. Exactly. So, if you haven't noticed, Green Apple Design actually has nothing to do with granny smith's.

There are several reasons behind why I chose the name. The biggest influence come from my three children; they are the 'apples of my eye' and they share their name with the color {for clarification: the tattoo came before the company}. Upon further thought, I realized that my events would be the 'fruits of my labor' and more importantly, 'fruitful' for all parties involved. I also like to compare networking to planting seeds and making a personal 'little orchard of reference' from which my clients can pick resources that suit their 'taste'. I chose the term 'design' instead of going with the standard 'event' because anything I 'produce' is considered a custom design as each special day is tailored to represent the host and/or hostess.

So, take from that what you will and let there be no confusion: I do not plant trees, live in an orchard, or drink apple juice. Nor can you find me in the supermarket's produce department.... unless I'm shopping.

Happy Friday Eve!

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