Weekend Round Up

The second half of last week were the craziest, most unorganized days I have ever experienced ~ and I have three kids!

My air conditioning decided to freak out on me, so I called my favorite A/C hero to come take a look see and well, it of course, worked perfectly ALL SEVEN TIMES he was over. I would call B as soon as it quit working, he would come over, it would magically cure itself and work perfectly the entire time he was over. On day 2 of this dance routine, blessed by the Universe, it finally quit working while he was on my roof. In the meantime, I had to move my dog, my cat, my fish {in his bowl}, and myself out of our fire pit.

Stanley takes a road trip!

On Thursday night, we all stayed at my parents house {Thanks Mom!} and I had been so distracted, concerned, and frazzled that I, for the first time in 12 years, did not pay rent on time. Oh. EM. GEE. Friday night, after almost forgetting to pay rent AGAIN, I stayed with The Newlyweds-to-Be and baked four cakes in an attempt to create a purple and black soccer ball for my favorite 11-year-old boy's birthday party. By 'attempt', I mean 'failed attempt' and by 'failed', I mean FAILED!

My first cake FAIL

Major uber duper super kudos to The Newlyweds for allowing this to take place in their kitchen. Not only was it a disaster, but getting to the final destination wasn't exactly a clean venture either ~ at least it was tasty!

After leaving the scene of the cake crime, the kids, VIP, and I headed to over to "the home" to celebrate Gram's 90th birthday. In honor of her big day, we all had root beer floats and avoided all eye contact with others in "The Ladies Club".

Brother, Grams, and Me

When the 90th birthday party was over, we headed to an 11th birthday party and from there, we headed to Pinetop. Okay, so it was well past 1 am when we arrived at the cabin, but it was worth waking up there and THANK GOD no one got car sick! Of course, they were asleep about 30 minutes into the trek, but hey ~ it counts!

Road trip hat!

On Sunday, I declared it "First Annual Family Fishing Flight of Fancy for the Fourth of July" and we went to Big Bear Lake. The first thing I did was step on a snake. Awe-some. After that, we caught 423 invisible fish and left. While at dinner, E fell ill and we decided to head home. Exactly 24 hours after we left The Valley, we returned.

I hadn't seen a fireworks show since 2007 when I sat outside Rula Bula filled with beer, admiration, and in the presence of excellent company. I was severely disappointed that we were going to miss them this year, but we drove right into a 30 minute show in Globe/Miami. VIP pulled over in the parking lot on a hill and we had the perfect view. It was the best thing I've accidentally driven into since ~ well, ever! I'm not one to drive into stuff, that's my brother's job.

All that brings us to today. We slept in, fought fevers, met Krista Campbell for a photo session at Fulton Ranch, ate Dairy Queen, and then fell fast asleep. It was the busiest, most unorganized five days of my life since 2006. I'm not sure what I forgot to do or what surprises I should expect this week {I'm sure there's at least one!}, but I do know I learned one very valuable lesson: To-Do List, To-Do List, To-Do List!

Here's to the beginning of a short week, full of happy surprises, air conditioning, and sticky notes! Cheers!

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  1. wow! I am exhausted just reading your post! I can only imagine living through it this past week!! :) I admire you more and more each day missi! You are such an awesome mother and strong person. <3 Glad everything worked out in the end!