Happy Birthday!

There are people you love and then there are people you LOVE. You know what I'm sayin'? Unfortunately, some stories are cut shorter than others, leaving you with only a dusty shoe box in the hall closet containing all of your happiest memories. On days when they're really missed, it feels good to pull them out, dust them off, and let them sparkle.

Today is my shoe box day. 91 years ago today, the most special of all the special guys in the entire universe {second to my daddy, of course} was born and we should be celebrating it together, but his story ended all too soon. Not a day goes by that I don't think how he would have spoiled my babies, enjoyed sitting next to Grams, or teased me about my vegetarian diet.

In honor of his birthday today, I'll be baking {and eating} his favorite birthday sweet, pineapple upside down cake. I only wish he were here eat it with us.

My Favorite Pap-paw Tid Bits {in no particular order}:

- He liked to make my brother and I laugh when we were little by sporting a curly blonde wig and dancing the hula.

- He always wore a dress shirt and dress pants, even to walk the treadmill in the middle of an Arizona summer.

- He bought me my very first pair of Doc Marten's. I still have them and they still look brand new.

- He used to tease my grandmother relentlessly and they would laugh together. Immediately followed by an, "Oh James" and then dancing.

- Two words: Dallas Cowboys. If he could have bestowed a full size football on me while I was still in utero, he probably would have. Instead, I was handed one immediately upon my arrival.

- He played a mean clarinet.

- Never piss off my Pap-paw. I repeat, NEVER piss off my Pap-paw.

- My favorite story pre-1980 {which is when I arrived on scene, holding that football} involves my grandmother, a car accident with the garage door, and flowers.

- There is not a soul on Earth who didn't love him. He was "a man's man, but a woman's gentleman."

Happy Birthday, Pap-paw! I miss you so much, it's down right ridiculous.

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