Case of the Moondays

Hi ho, hi ho it's off to work we go... Happy Monday to everyone! After a whirlwind weekend like that, I'm uber happy to have a short work week.

If you viewed the cupcake giveaway vlog {posted below}, you see that I was happily baking away in the background. The finished product ~ Hooray for Hollywood!

Not too shabby, eh? While this lovely two-tiered french vanilla cake with cream cheese filling, vanilla butter cream and fondant decor was an incredible tasty blast to make, it was the face of the lovely eleventeen year old that completed it's true beauty. Thank you Amazing Alexis for turning 11!

This cake was definitely a live and learn experience. Notes were made and will be put into good use next time. Improvement, improvement, improvement! Many, many thank you kisses were planted on my super cute sous chef, VIP, who helped roll, color, and cut fondant, kept me on task, made the coffee, high five'd me several times, AND cleaned up the kitchen. I must have done something really good to deserve him.

In other news, I received my business cards in the mail yesterday; not a moment too soon since I already passed out a few at Johnny Rocket's where my Hooray for Hollywood cake made it's debut. eGAD! Although, I'd like to remind y'all that it's not just cupcakes around here ~ it's the whole shebang!

Up this week: 200 cupcakes, a 2 tiered wedding cake, a giant custom cupcake tree, and a wedding reception. I'm so thrilled and completely surprised that I don't weigh 1000 pounds with all the batter I eat! Ahhhh cake. Wishing you a week just as sweet ~ Cheers!

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