It's Tuesday!

I love it when the work week starts on Tuesday!

Over the weekend, VIP and I enjoyed fabulous company at The Skybox on Friday, we tuckered out my debit card and then baked a Partysaurus cake for R on Saturday, and woke up on Sunday to host The Birthday Dude's pool party.

R got a new bike for his birthday and E expressed wanting a new bike as well. I told her that if she learned how to ride without training wheels, we could make that happen. The whole conversation was in passing {I honestly didn't think she heard me}, but she must have filed it away because the next morning ~ BAM!

I've had four people, including myself, try to teach E how to ride her bike without training wheels, which has been a work in progress for almost a year now. Suddenly 12 hours after putting incentive out there for Little Miss Determined to eat up, she hopped on her bike, exclaimed, "I'm gonna ride my bike now" and off she went! Just like that. You tell that kid anything and if she wants it bad enough, she'll make it happen before you can blink. We had a deal, so I told her we'd pick out a new bike together on June 27th, which happens to be the next Sunday I have to spend with my kids.

R on his new bike, The Crackin' by Tony Hawk & E demonstrating her new two wheeler skills.

Partysaurus Cake

Tomorrow my kids head to Dad's and I won't see them again until June 13th. What am I supposed to do with myself? Bake more cakes?

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