Case of the Mondays

I could swear I was just sitting here yesterday blogging about our weekend plans. It went so fast, did it even happen?

For me, all good, exciting weekend trips start with good conversation and an early morning bedtime. Friday, VIP and I finally went to sleep as the sun came up at 5am, beating my former record by 23 minutes. The last time, I chatted it up with Pinky from Fresno and made it to 4:37. This followed by a Saturday morning breakfast fit for royalty....

Market Crab Benedict

After making it very clear that all fish caught were to be returned to the lake for a second chance, the four of us headed out to Little Bear on Saturday where I caught 17 invisible fish. That's how many times I had to re-bait my hook. I think they stocked the lake with professional hook dodging trout. While it was FREEZING cold, we still had a good time and, yay for me, no fish were harmed in the making of our afternoon fun.

Can you see my 46 pound invisible fish?

Of course there were games!

We headed home after breakfast on Sunday and after 12 days, I finally hugged my babies. They seem to have returned taller, smarter, tanner, and two hours ahead of time. Thanks for the 4:52am shake and wake, A!

It was a good weekend with good friends, good food, and good fun. I can't wait to do it again! Until then, enjoy the week ~ Cheers!

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