Day 28


- Run a half marathon
- Canoe
- Visit the Grand Canyon
- Rock climb
- Go to Vegas
- Hike Camelback
- Learn how to swim
- Finish school
- Eat more cupcakes
- Scuba dive
- Hot air balloon
- Ride an elephant
- Visit Tahiti
- Join a Flash Mob
- Witness Northern Lights
- Kiss in the rain
- Parasail in Mexico
- Take my kids to Disneyland
- Meet Duncan Sheik
- Be happy

Birthday flowers from a lovely friend.

Random Sunshine:
I'm not interested in 'why we're here'. I'm much more intrigued with 'while we're here'...

So thankful for much to look forward to this decade. Carpe diem!

In other news... VIP and I took a trip to El Mirage this evening and am happy to present the newest member of our functional dysfunctional and moderately happy family...


5-1/2 years old
Likes snuggling, yarn balls, and romantic dinners in the laundry room

Minty tissues makes nose happy and I'm in love with.... a cat?! I know what you are thinking, Missi, you're allergic to cats. Pish posh. That's what Claritin-D is for. I'll out grow my allergy to Vegas in about 2 weeks just as I did with Harley, Minou, Sushi, Harley [another], Hello, Sparky, Ashz, and Shelby. In the meantime, my kids are very excited. Ahhh love....

This is me. 2 days before 30. NOT sneezing.

While the countdown winds down, know that this project in ridiculousness will never be over. 48 hours, 4 events to go...

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