Day 22


Since the lovely Ms. H made a ghastly sound when she found out I hadn't been to Postino, I decided to substitute Sister Night #2 for a night with H & B, VIP, panini's and vino. I'm being flexible.

I eat a lot of roasted vegetable sammies {it seems to be every chef's favorite go-to vegetarian offering on every menu in town}, but I must say, Postino makes THE best roasted vegetable panini I have EVER had. In fact, I'm craving one just sitting here blogging about it.

With a glass of pinot grigio...

H, B, VIP, & Me

This is me. 8 days before 30. Happily Postino'd.

Random Sunshine:
I am 'thisclose' to getting Duncan Shiek's autograph. Thanks Mom!

I'm so lucky to have such amazing people add twinkle to my life. I am so honored to have each of you in my life. Thank you for your gift of friendship.


  1. You've been Postino'd - awesome! Don't forget about the sweet after nine deal too!

  2. $20 saved is $20 to spend on concert tickets! LOL The After 9 Deal ROCKS!