Day 19


The pizza we normally order on a Tuesday night makes my face feel greasy. I can't decide if this is a side effect of maintaining a relatively healthy diet for 20 out of 21 meals per week or if it's the sad result of aging. Either way, I decided to forgo the pizza this week and pick up burrito's instead.

After cramming down pounds of beans and cheese, I served up my favorite snack of all time: Fancy Snacks. There's a story behind the origin titled, The Day Cookie Fell In Love With Missi and Cookie, of course, tells it better than I.

[If Cookie feels so inclined to email me her version of the Fancy Snack story and how they came to be, I will put it: here.]

There are rules to the Fancy Snack eating, which we discussed prior to my presenting them. To consume them properly, wash your hands {we're Fancy, not filthy}, be aware that you need a 1:1 ratio of Secret Ingredient A to Secret Ingredient B and always remember that they MUST MUST MUST be served in your grandmother's china.

Envy me.

Fancy Snack Secret Ingredients.

This is me. 11 days before 30. Snacking fancy.

Have I mentioned how very excited I am to finish out the week? I still am. Big things to come!

Random Sunshine:
Phoenix Suns are second in the West, so far. Could it be that we're headed for the playoffs?! That would make my day!

The man who decided that full episodes of television should be available for your viewing pleasure, for free, online. Thank you genius dude!

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