Case of the Mondays

A serious case of the Mondays has set in. After a short weekend filled with huge events, I need a day off. Again.

If you've been keeping up with mi vida loca via bloggety blog, you know that I turned the big dirty thirty this past Saturday and to celebrate, I've been doing something for myself everyday for a month. Ridiculous isn't it?

When the countdown ended, another birthday began. On Sunday, we celebrated my favorite nephew's birthday. He's three, obsessed with Michael Jackson, and obviously my brother's child. I'm just proud that he knows the words to Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' {according to E, this The Rollercoaster Song}. Help me sing it, ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa...

The birthday boy showing off his MJ shirt

Kite flying, cupcakes, and sand castles, it was a hot Arizona day and while the pool sounded good, it was too cold ~ for me. The temperatures didn't scare the kids and VIP from jumping in at his parents house. After a lovely impromptu BBQ, we headed home, bathed, and crashed.

Could we have packed anything else into two days? Probably.... not. Here's to a very quick and kind week. Cheers!

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