Day 8


I can't remember the last time I spent an evening in a bookstore without a purpose. I adore not having an agenda. I adore the smell of books. I adore the happy endings, the truths, and simpleness one story can tell. I adore being swept away into the lives of characters and fictional worlds. I adore reading, I always have.

Mrs. T-to-Be: worlds greatest mom, inspiring educator, fabulous hostess, and avid reader is one of my best friends. To receive a book recommendation from this woman is incredibly special. She gets so excited about literature that her whole entire being sparkles. I lurve it.

Tonight, I met N at her favorite bookstore for a latte {my very first chai ~ very tasty!} and a lot of books. I walked out of Bookmans with four selections; one of which is the inspiration for my next project {more on that later} and one was my sought out recommendation from N. The way I see it, book recommendations are like shared secrets and I can't wait to know what she knows.

This is me. 22 days before 30. Book and a latte.

N's shared secret, The Giver.

Missi & Martha. A clue.

Random Sunshine:
Apparently Deadheads did not die with Jerry Garcia. Rock on.

I'm so glad my parents weren't hippies. Melissa isn't my favorite name ever, it's actually quite ordinary, but it's much better than Rainbow Freebird.

Let the 30 Before 30 countdown continue!

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