Day 7

There was a sudden change of plans for what was originally intended to be Sister Night. Major boo, but like I said before, Flexible is my middle name, so I'll roll with it. Many cupcake wishes and congratulations to the sister half of Sister Night and her husband {aka my little brother} who recently purchased a lovely brand spankin' new home in Gilbert. May your home be filled to the ceiling with life, love, and laughter always. In lieu of Sister Night, may I present...


Not this kind of bee...

Ta da! After what was a less than pleasant morning {see TGIF blog posted manana}, I needed to get out with my BEE and relax. While my feet were massaged and made over for sandals, we chatted and it was exactly what I needed and then some.

This is me. 23 days before 30. Relaxing.

This kind of BEE! Say Cheese!

And it resulted with sparkly purple toes. Yay!

Now I understand that at least one of you is going to be disappointed that we didn't book an appointment for your infamous feet treats, but please keep in mind that this was last minute and late at night and that it, in no way, reflects the opposite of I lurve you, because I do. I lurve you, SG!

You'll have to forgive the photos, I left my Casio at home and we used our phones. Regardless...

Random Sunshine:
I was watching Curious George this morning and, as usual, he was causing all sorts of headaches for the Man in the Yellow Hat. Why doesn't that guy just get rid of the monkey? Seriously. It's not like someone is forcing him to keep the damn monkey or giving him a million dollars to humanize a primate! With this, I reason that the Man in the Yellow Hat not only needs a name, but a new hobby.

Massage Chairs. 'Nuff said.

30 Before 30 continues manana with día ocho!

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  1. I have purple toes too!

    Love your count down honey! xoxoxo