Case of the Mondays

Do I have to do Monday? Seriously? Seriously.

So there wasn't any learned dance routines and I didn't win the lottery, but it was a beautiful weekend.

The recap:
I spent Friday with N in her version of Disneyland, pretended to be Tinkerbell at Trapeze U on Saturday morning and then ended the day with H, VIP, and RCPM at The Marquee Theater, and yesterday, VIP and I enjoyed a beautiful day of absolutely nothing. I hope your weekend was just as awesome!

And among the many things to look forward to this week, Thursday marks the beginning of April! Eeeek! Time does fly when you're having fun!

Speaking of flying, I'm still reeling from my trapeze experience {for which, I received a diploma} or maybe my sore abs and arms are just a good reminder of it all. Regardless, I've already decided that I'm going to run away and join the circus; it's my new calling in life or maybe I'll just return to Trapeze U in the near future, perhaps next time with E.

I know I previously mentioned a new project for after I turn 30, but I think I'll touch on that in a new post later. For now...

Wishing you a fulfilling week full of music, giggles, and sunshine. Cheers!

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