Welcome New Year

Dear 2010,

I have high hopes and expectations set for you. After all, I read my horoscope projection for the year and it looks quite lovely. However, I also have the suspicion that whoever is in charge of publishing and editing horoscopes might not want to disappoint others knowing that most of us enter a new year with high hopes and expectations already pre-programmed as habit from years past.

With most people making resolutions to join a gym, maintain a better diet, or walk down the aisle, I promise I won't make gym resolutions, I won't eat fewer Red Vines, and I won't make any plans to walk down an aisle that doesn't have a number hanging over it, accompanied by labels like, "baking needs" or "toilet paper". Instead, I resolute continuance and I will not let you down, new friend.

I will continue to plan, organize, and over think everything from menus to men. I will continue to enjoy a solid 60 minutes of television per week in the form of Iron Chef. I will continue to love my friends as if they were family and I will continue to love my family as if they were designer shoes {trust me, that's a lot}. I will continue to allow my children to partially raise themselves by guiding decisions, rather than deciding for them. I will continue to be creative and color outside the lines of life. I will continue to have a coffee, cleaning, cooking, and antique shopping addiction. I will continue to covet the J Crew catalog. I will continue all attempts at iTunes and at changing light bulbs. But most importantly, I will continue being me; quirky, compassionate, "to the point", persevering, stubborn, funny, annoying, girlie, strong, creative me without reservation, hesitation, or fear.

I expect the same from you in return, New Year. I expect your days to continue to bring love, discovery, passion, tears, surprise, laughter, and a touch of glitter into my life. If you can do this, we will be the best of friends.

Whatever it is that you have waiting for me, I'm ready. Bring it.

~ M

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