Regardless of whether or not I can believe it's already Friday, I'm glad it is. I need a day to sleep past 6:12a and do nothing and everything on my time.

I'm hoping to complete Project Kitchen Re-Create within in the next two weeks as I've already started planning and plotting my family room re-create. Because my family room and kitchen are attached, without a seam, I decided to let the milk glass flow over both rooms to tie them together with the addition of milk glass lamps.

eBay $2

I was also thinking an antique metal tri-fold trellis to give slight separation to the two rooms. With some S hooks, a towel drying rack, and some heavy duty wire, I could easily turn a trellis into a magazine/plant rack. I'm in the market for an two antique doors or five square windows, a new couch cover, a quilt, vintage throw pillows, an end table, shelving, and a buffet table or dresser. If I have the room {and the dollars}, I may purchase an oversized arm chair and floor lamp to make myself a cozy reading nook.

So far, I forsee my biggest problem being paint color. Because my couch is an IKEA mass reproduction and I refuse to buy something nicer until Autumn is in college, I've picked out a new cover in a light beige, but this leaves me unsure of what color to paint the walls. If anyone has a suggestion, I'm all ears.

Tomorrow is another busy day trying to find six additional milk glass plates to finish the north and west walls of the kitchen, sweeping through the supermarket, and picking up my weekly dose of fresh flowers at Trader Joe's. Sunday is my full weekend day with my babies and we'll be taking a family trip into downtown Phoenix to catch the Diamondbacks take on the Marlins. Should be very exciting with three kids and a thousand stairs to the third tier of the stadium, I think an overpriced beer will be in store.

Hope everyone else has a relaxing, sleep-in kind of weekend. Go D'Backs!

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