Case of the Mondays

'Twas a whirlwind of a weekend. I'm having a hard time letting it go. It seems to me that we should petition for an eighth day of the week, a day that falls between Saturday and Sunday. I'll call it 'Satrunday'.

After a few quick errands Saturday morning, J and I hit up The Treasure Trove in Scottsdale where I picked up the world's most adorable end table for the family room.

Already partially decorated, as you can see. I would like a doily, a new photo frame, and my milk glass lamp to arrive to complete it.

Speaking of lamps, I also purchased {on eBay} two 1950's ceramic cherub lamps to accompany my new bedroom set {bed purchased, but still looking for two white, mismatched end tables}.

On Sunday, the kids and I rode the light rail downtown to catch lunch at Marjele's and the Diamondbacks take on the Marlin's. My opinion of baseball hasn't changed much over the past ten years. It's still boring. Even more so if you toss in our sad score of one home run over nine whole innings. I couldn't blame R for wanting Steve Nash. So, it holds true. I had a ton of fun with my babies, but I am not a fan of baseball and I'm perfectly okay with that.

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