Re-Create: Kitchen

After months of staring at various shades of yellow paint swatches taped to the walls, I finally chose a color for the kitchen: Behr's Bicycle Yellow in a semi-gloss. I tape off tomorrow night and roll on Saturday!

In addition to this purchase at the Home Depot, I picked up a trellis, S hooks, and a quart of Behr's Moon Mist {which is two shades lighter than Bicycle Yellow}. I plan on anchoring the freshly painted trellis to the wall space beside the refrigerator to display vintage aprons, a pencil cup, a pad of paper, and whatever else strikes my fancy. Above it, a cookbook shelf to display the dozen books I decided to keep {strangely, it wasn't hard to choose from my collection of 96}.

I'm also painting the insets on the kitchen cabinets Moon Mist, which I'm hoping will make the white cabinetry even whiter and maybe I won't have to bleach them every three days.

I guess you could say it's coming along, even though I still have three dining chairs waiting for turquoise. I know art isn't instant, but why does it feel like I could paint the Sistene Chapel faster?

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