Case of the Mondays

It was just another manic weekend, packed full of errands, projects, and kids. S and I spent Friday night at Border's Books flipping through magazines and sipping java side-by-side. We got up early Saturday to collect our Bountiful Basket, hit a photography rummage sale in Arcadia and ate breakfast at La Grande Orange Grocery.

If you haven't been to La Grande Orange yet, I highly suggest that you get there.... like five minutes ago. The atmosphere was relaxing, the breakfast was amazing, and the organic coffee was even better. I fear that I may never be able to drink "normal" coffee ever again. In fact, I fear it so much that I haven't had a cup since. Quite the feat, if you know me at all.

After La Grande, S and I hit up Merchant Square Antique Mall in Chandler {he actually left me there for two hours because I'm a slow shopper}. I picked up a vintage message board, embroidered cloth napkins, and a sweet collection of blue Ball Corp. glass jars with lids {they're more valuable with the lids} and I filled them with fresh flowers {peonies, suflowers, and daisies} from Trader Joe's.Add Image

It took a few nights to prime the chairs for color and just when I was debating on whether or not to go with yellow or cream, S suggested that we paint the chairs a more vibrant color.

With the seats covered and ready to rock...

I'm working on getting the chairs painted now, one at a time...

I hope everyone has a colorful week!

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