Refreshing Recipe

Ah, spring has sprung and what better way to welcome sunshiny weather than with a refreshing beverage, a bridal magazine, and a porch swing?

During an impromptu trip to World Market last week, VIP and I picked up three bottles of Torani flavored syrup and I dusted off my stellar barista skills {yup, I was a barista for 2 years back in the day, appropriate isn't it?}. Because VIP and the kids had never had Italian sodas before, I was excited to shake and serve and they were excited to sip. It's been an ongoing {and super easy} 5 star trend after dinner all week and it comes highly recommended.

In a large cup {by large, I mean the refillable Harkin's cup kind of large}, fill 3/4 with ice. Add any flavor Torani syrup or combination of syrup flavors {we bought the pump for the bottles too.} Fill cup with club soda, add a dash of cream/milk/half & half/etc {optional} and stir. 1 pump is equal to 1 tbsp syrup and the original recipe calls for 2 tbsps per 1 cup of club soda.

A few of our favorite combinations are...

Suicide Soda {kids favorite}
6 total tbsp of whatever flavors you have

Strawberry Lemonade
2 tbsp Lemon
3 tbsp Strawberry

Tropical Sunset
3 tbsp Coconut
3 tbsp Mango

Chocolate Cream Soda
2 tbsp Vanilla
3 tbsp Chocolate

3 tbsp Pomegranate
2 tbsp Apple

Apple Razz
2 tbsp Pineapple
3 tbsp Raspberry

2 tbsp Pomegranate
2 tbsp Vanilla

These would be fun drinks to serve at any wedding reception, just add silver rum or vodka to get the party started! Cost Plus World Market, Smart & Final, and BevMo carry large selections of flavored syrups for just under $7/bottle. BevMo offers online ordering with in-store pick up in 60 minutes.

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