The Proposal

March 20th is Proposal Day! According to The Knot, one out of four women surveyed were not happy with how their S.O. proposed to them. Complaints about their proposals included that it wasn't romantic enough, wasn't original enough, that it was too over the top, or that the dude came to the party sans ring. I would guess the woman pictured {with the petrified face} here would include herself as part of that 25 percent.

A proposal is just a moment and some moments don't go as planned. The point is the lifelong commitment you're choosing to make. The only proposal I've ever gotten involved a toilet, which should have been an indicator of how the rest of that relationship would go. How about you? Were you satisfied with how your proposal went?


  1. My first proposal was lame. My ex basically came home from the jewlery store, bag in hand, and asked me "Well, do you want to?" Needless to say, like you, that relationship ended up being just as spactacular as the proposal! LOL :) Luckily for me my second proposal was what I always wanted! A complete suprise, a little cheesy and topped off with him down on his knee stuttering the sweet words he wanted to express, ring in hand :) LOVED it!