We Adopted!

Kiwi was feeling outnumbered and blue
So we found her a friend of a different hue
She's happy again
Now that she has a friend
And we want you to help name her too!

Stepping away from all things bridal, wedding, or special event related...

We adopted a puppy last night! A sweet six month old Springer Spaniel/Black Lab mix who came to us from Yuma, but we picked her up in New River. How does that make sense? It doesn't, but the 3 hour round-trip car ride was worth every mile. We weren't even really looking for a pet, but the second I saw her, it was instant love and I had to bring her home. Why? She's the spitting image of the first {and best!} dog I ever had, Sammie Jo {1990-2005}.

Puppy: 1 {Bonus point in honor of Sam}, Human: 1
The object of the game is to keep an even score or let the puppy win.

Knowing she had never even seen a kennel before, I dreaded putting her to bed last night and walking away. Thankfully, she did a splendid job of sleeping. All night. Without a peep. Us too. Yay!

Puppy: 2, Human: 2

She figured out that her footing on tile flooring automatically results in acrobatics, so she has confined herself to a 6' x 8' carpet in my family room. Seeing this behavior, I think if I can manage to keep toys and shoes off of her select carpeted area, there's nothing for her to teethe on. Awesomesauce.

Puppy: 3, Human: 3
Let's keep this up, Puppy!

Also, being on a small carpeted area surrounded by furniture and NOT jumping on it, even when prompted, earns her another point.

Puppy: 4, Human: 3
I misjudged her, sorry Puppy!

Way to go, Puppy! That's another thing, we need a name for her. After exploring a bajillion name options, we've narrowed it down to a mere 15. I was reminded last night that we spent three days trying to name Sam and ended up drawing out of a hat. I suppose, this is the 2010 version of drawing out of a hat. We stayed away from names that had R's in them {my son, River, can't pronounce his R's very well. Oh the irony} and names of family members and their dogs {ie: Daysi}. Help us out and cast your vote or suggest your own in the comment section!

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Looks like our weekend will be filled with puppyliciousness. Happy new friend Friday!

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