Duff Forever

Someone at the Food Network acted on a sugar high crash and canceled Ace of Cakes!! I'm stunned. Of course I don't agree with Chef Duff's dislike for cupcakes {who doesn't like cupcakes?!}, but for 10 years I've been dazzled by his fondant covered creations. Although, Duff will live forever in Charm City {that bakery has a four year wait list people!}, the rest of us will have to watch for the DVD box sets.

In related news, EEEE! I just read that Duff Goldman's real name is Jeffrey Adam. I wonder if the same name equals same fondant talent. I'll have the BF test this theory out later; maybe we can be the next Food Network stars.

The ladies at The Frisky have put together a little pictorial of Duff's most impressive sweets. Enjoy!

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  1. The food network is a bunch of quacks. Ace of Cakes is a rockin show and should have never been canceled.