Case of the Moondays

Having survived last Friday with 100 cupcakes out the door, I set in to survive Part Dos of the cupcake chaos Saturday morning...

These little guys were my arch nemesis. 18 of them were looking good when we left the house, but had completely melted by the time we arrived to the birthday party... in Deer Valley. DEER VALLEY! If you don't live in Arizona, driving to DV is kind of like driving to Egypt from your house. I hadn't realized that my home state went so far west without turning into California somewhere along the way. Crazy.

The rest of the cupcakes, however, made it beautifully; two dozen each of vanilla vanilla, red velvet, and lemon blueberry. I was most excited for the lemon blueberry because after dabbling with it for an afternoon, I perfected the most beautiful blueberry curd; to accompany, a light lemon frosting made with real lemon juice and zest. It was perfection!

I want one right now.

Dear Mr. Monday,
You are now just a day.
A day without lemon blueberry cake
and that, my friend, is not awesome at all.

This week, in the life of GAD, I'm baking up some sweet treats and shipping them to Las Vegas via the BACK SEAT! This week, in the life of Missi, I'm going to Las Vegas for the FIRST TIME! I can't wait! I have an agenda, the suitcase is ready, the GPS in place, and we've confirmed our reservations at The Paris. I'm so afraid I'm going to forget my concert tickets for Saturday night. House of Blues, anyone? Guess who's playing....

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers!

There has never been a better time for me to visit Las Vegas ~ my friend, Miss A, just moved there, my friend Mrs. B, who moved to LV not too long ago, is celebrating a birthday very soon, RCPM is playing, and it's a holiday weekend. Time to put the '30 year old Vegas Virgin' bit to rest. If you've been to Vegas, answer this: What's the ONE thing I should NOT miss while in Sin City?

Until Thursday, my little cupcakes, cheers to a beautiful week full of anticipation and rock n' roll!


  1. The water show at the Bellagio (I think). Amazing.

  2. Las Vegas musts: Botanical Gardens and Chuhuly glass exhibit at the Bellagio and a gondola ride at the Venetian.

  3. Ceaser's Forum Shops and the Outlet stores (specifically the Coach outlet). A trip to the old downtown strip is also fun. The Luxor is worth seeing once. The Lux Cafe in the Venitian is my favorite place to eat besides the Sunday Brunch at the that enough for you?

  4. I would have to say a visit to margaritaville!! You get to lay back in a swing and enjoy an ENORMOUS margarita in a fancy cup! lol but everything listed above is AWESOME too :) (Sunday Brunch at the Mirage is phenominal!)