Case of the Moondays

Over the weekend VIP and I escaped to his cabin up North where we stayed in, ordered out, and watched the rain. In between all that laziness, we managed to watch a bagillion movies and make it back home in time to pick up the kids for dinner.

Our movie selections were:

(500) Days of Summer
American President
El Orfanato
Father of the Bride
Into the Wild
Love Actually
Slumdog Millionaire
Some Like it Hot
West Side Story

Goodbye Pinetop, Hello Phoenix

If you know me, even in the slightest, you should be shocked! Fact is, I don't sit down long enough to tie my shoes, let alone watch an entire film, so sitting on the couch for 12+ hours watching film after film with a blanket, a fire, a boyfriend, and a pot of coffee was quite the accomplishment for me. It felt dirty and I liked it. Of course, coming home I was a maniacal train wreck thinking of all the things I should have been doing WHILE watching those movies: making lists, returning phone calls, emailing, networking, baking, laundry, saving the world, cleaning, making a menu, grocery shopping, etc. It all came down hard and fast while driving back and ended with an abrupt halt when we entered the house.

When we got home, it was a scorching {and humid} 104 degrees outside and a gross 98 degrees inside. For the third time this summer, the A/C was out and there's not much you can do about broken appliances at 9:30p on a Sunday night. Talk about a welcoming! It is entirely possible that the Universe was punishing me for sitting on my caboose for two days. Thankfully, I know a brilliant dude with A/C repair on his resume who came over this morning and we were cooling down by 9:45a. On the scale of crappy things to happen while on vacation, having the A/C out for 12 hours is pretty trivial.

Back to Moonday and looking forward to a Bake-a-licious week at Green Apple with the sale of Sweet Samplers and a ton of birthday orders. My oven cringes, but I'm stoked ~ cheers to a cuppycake kind of week!

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