Ah Friday, how I missed you. Is it just me or did this week seem really long; not slow, but long. Maybe it's because I'm up late, up early, and really busy in between...

This morning, I finished up a bunny cake for the sweetest Lil' O that I know. A chocolate cake with strawberry bits and a vanilla butter cream frosting, which I put on with my hands to make the rabbit appear fluffy. I used white chocolate for the ears and nose, a marshmallow for the tail, coconut dyed green for grass, and 2 lollipop sticks cut to size for the whiskers. This cake is 99% edible and not to shabby for my first rabbit.

This week, I managed to get out all my Sweet Sampler orders ~ THANK YOU to everyone who participated and made it a smashing success. I hope you all are enjoying! My favorites are the White Russian and the Birthday Cake ii {that chocolate frosting is wicked, isn't it?}

L to R: Strawberries n' Cream, Champagne Toast, White Russian, Birthday Cake ii

I also announced that on August 28th, the Donut Collection Sweet Sampler will be on sale for 20% off, so be sure to place your orders now! $20 per equally assorted 1 dozen cupcakes: Boston Cream Pie, Apple Spice, Jelly Donut, and Glazed. I look forward to it!

Tomorrow, I've teamed up with Krista Campbell Photography for a mock bridal shoot to get her bridal portfolio going. I'm so excited to spend time with some amazing ladies. Six brides, five hours, two locations, and one fountain. With my mother's permission {she bought the dress!}, you can bet I'll be jumping in that fountain in my divorced wedding attire! I can't wait!

Thankfully, Sunday is a day to go bowling with the kids and eat some overpriced bowling alley food.

At the end of next week, it'll be another baking frenzy at my house as I reconstruct the cupcake tree and prepare dozens of cupcakes in several different flavors and a small cake for a baby shower. This just so happens to be my first official job that ends in smiles AND dollars. My dream of doing something I love so much is starting to become a reality and it's a train I don't want to stop! The orderer was not only excited for her cupcakes, but excited for me too, which was so great. You know what else is great? You! I love how you all have been a part of this journey from day one. I can't say it enough, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Cheers to another weekend, another week, and another cup o'cake!

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