It's been a roller coaster week, one that I'm happy to see end.

In great news, Green Apple Design launched this week! Always thinking outside the box, I've dubbed myself "Special Event Stylist" as opposed to the norm "Event Planner". Listed as GreenAppleDzine on Twitter, {follow me!} GAD specializes in custom details for weddings, parties, and events. Everything will be tailored to represent the star couple or theme from invitations to tablescapes and flowers to catering. Aside from behind the scenes productions, I am currently making relationships with photographers, florists, caterers, musicians, and venues in the East Valley.

I'm also pleased to announce that Green Apple Design has been selected to style their first wedding! I've been working closely with the bride-to-be and everything is falling into place nicely. Of course, we're still 17 months away, but I'm a stickler for staying on target. I was so born for this. I only moonlight as a Special Event Stylist, my real job requires more chutzpah than you would think. Just sayin'.

On Wednesday morning, I woke up to find my sweet friend, Dreamy McFinn, II had passed after weeks of being uncomfortable. Dreamy was a year old when I adopted him and he had spent the last four years keeping us company. That damn fish was the first thing I purchased when my husband left and I suddenly found myself alone half of the week. At the time, my train wrecked self thought a fish was a good companion and he certainly proved to be a good listener. The kids and I held a short and sweet impromptu funeral in the guest bathroom and surrounded by friends and family, we said our last goodbyes. Dreamy was sent off with well wishes for a happy journey, a salute, and a flush. Sail on, little dude, sail on....

Dreamy McFinn, II
August 22, 2005 - June 16, 2010

I had a hard time looking at his empty bowl, so that evening, I went to Petco and brought home a new Beta. After caring for a geriatric Dreamy for so long, I forgot how brightly colored and lively Beta's can be. I love my new fish! He's so friendly too; swims to the side of the bowl and hangs out while you talk to him. Named after the first fishing boat to come equipped with an engine, meet Stanley...

Last night, the Lakers won the finals on free throws and fouls. Bryant thinks he's Master of the Universe and Gasol appears to be homeless. Afterward, LA was flooded with riots and Celtic fans were beaten in the streets. Way to keep it classy, LA! After the way their fans behaved last night, I think the NBA needs to disband the Lakers for the sake of the city. No team, no riots. Bob Marley would agree.

With a busy weekend ahead, I'm hoping to steal a few minutes to myself to read, nap, and breathe. May your weekend be sprinkled with relaxing moments. Cheers!

For all the Daddy's ~

Set an honorable example for your daughters and leave big footprints for your sons to fill, lead by example and thank your baby momma's, without us, you wouldn't have an entire day blessed on the couch with remote controlling and cold beer.

Happy Father's Day!

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