Short weeks RULE. First and foremost, I'd like to point out that IT'S FRIDAY!!

I am now the proud mama of a brand new 6 YEAR OLD! R turned 6 yesterday and after a birthday conversation {at 5:21pm; calling at 5:21am just seemed cruel ~ and I wasn't awake yesterday like I was 6 years ago}, I was informed that he's happy to be 6 because he was tired of being 5. Party on, Baby Dude, party on!

R, at birth looks under cooked.

6 years and one pool party later...

R finally looked medium-well.

My kids leave tomorrow for Okracoke Island, NC. Not sure why this destination was chosen, but I hope they have a fantastic time. I will see them again on the 13th and the days are, so far, going by slowly....

For the weekend, I have a day of being everywhere on Saturday; dentist, Starbucks meeting, vet's office. Eventually, I'll see VIP and maybe we'll catch a movie or cheer on the Celtics on Sunday as they take on the LA Lakers in the final series of the NBA.

Speaking of losers, I almost ran over a Lakers fan yesterday in a Target parking lot. Dude had balls to not only have his SUV decked out with LA paraphernalia {license plate holder, flags sticking out of every window, antenna ball, etc}, but his back window read "GO Lakers!" in purple shoe polish and he was wearing a Bryant jersey. Unless my eyes deceive me, I also believe the shoelaces cinching up his K*Swiss sneakers were also logo'd. I quickly decided I didn't want to meet Joe Arpaio in this kind of unfortunate circumstance, nor do I want to be some butch chick's b*tch in jail, so instead of running him over, I just screamed at him {with my windows up cause I'm a chicken} "GO HOME ____TARD McBRYANT FA*... er FAN!" Apparently, I get a little defensive of my Suns sometimes. Is it warm in here?

To the weekend: May the skies be clear, the airplanes fly safe, and everyone have a fabulous two days. GO CELTICS! Cheers!

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