Day 13

By the time I jumped on the phone to secure seats to see AZ Diamond at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater, as originally planned, they had sold out. Who knew a Neil Diamond cover band would sell out an entire venue in East Mesa?! The joint is right next to a retirement community and a trailer park. Seriously! Like I said before, it's a good thing I'm flexible.

I discovered, by accident, a new band this week {I can't even recall how I stumbled over this gem} and they just so happen to be playing down the street the night AZ Diamond didn't have room at the inn. So, I recruited BEE and we ventured out to Tempe on a Wednesday night to see Seattle's own...


For a foursome of boys whose baby faces tell me they don't have enough notches on their belts to cover Thin Lizzy as they did {and not half bad, I'll admit}, it was a fun show and the people watching was fabulous, despite the four opening bands that all tried too hard to be bold, old, and bad ass {you haven't seen 'dumb and dumber' funny until you see a 19 year old lead singer try to rev up a crowd by yelling profanity into a mic twice because the first time, the band wasn't ready to jump in and start playing}.

Nothing says "I'm too old to be here" than standing in the gated community portion of a venue with a pitcher of beer and plenty of elbow room watching a hundred sardined emo teenagers through a chain link fence and caution tape fighting over which rock star they're going to get to autograph their show poster first {and I use the term 'rock star' loosely here}.

But like I said, it was a fun show and This Providence exceeded my expectations by miles. Yup, all things considered, these boys will be making regular rotation on the iPod.

Again with the Blackberry photos...

Me & BEE waiting for showtime

With a pitcher of Dos. Yay!

This is me. 17 days before 30. With This Providence.

Random Sunshine:
I am not cynical, I'm a realist.

The unpredictable Arizona weather. Today's predicted forecast was 60 and raining, instead it's a beautiful 70 something and sunny. I love sunny surprises!

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